Home Buying Steps

If you’re here, you’ve likely already made to the decision to buy your next home in the North Georgia Mountains and Blue Ridge area.


This is an exciting and often anxiety-filled time. Now that you’re ready to take your next step, you need to make sure you’ve got the best buyer's agent. You need someone you can trust, someone who will:

This is why you need Mark!

Home Buying Steps

Although buying a home can be a complicated process with many moving parts, the best buyer's agents make it look easy, work to reduce the stress on you and handle all the details for you. I have broken the process down into 7 manageable steps that I will work tirelessly on to benefit YOU.

About Mark

The first step in this process is to select the right agent to represent your interests and help you achieve your goals. As your buyer's agent, Mark begins with a thorough analysis, seeking first to understand your goals, constraints, and timeline. Not only will Mark manage each step of the process, but with a customized plan tailored to your specific needs and through constant communication, he will make sure you understand each step and are ready for the next.

Knowing your financing limits and your comfort zone not only ensures you get what you need at the best possible price, but it also sets you up for success when you find the home you’ve been searching for. Having your pre-approval documentation on-hand and included in your offer lets the seller know you’re serious and able to follow through. This also gives Mark what he needs to be your fiercest advocate when presenting an offer. Click here to determine your mortgage payment.

Buyer Information

Knowing what you want, and importantly, what you need is possibly the most important step in the process. Mark will do an in-depth needs analysis – making sure he understands your goals, your timeline, your constraints, as well as your desires and dreams. Exceeding your expectations sometimes means opening up new possibilities that you might not have considered, but are the perfect match for you.

Property Search

This is when the fun starts! Searching for and visiting homes can be both exciting and exhausting. With custom searches and previewing possibilities, Mark will help keep your spirits up and your perspective grounded. With your goals in hand and detailed notes on every property you visit – Mark will help you save time and make the best decision to meet your needs.

You’ve found the one and your emotions are running high. Indeed, this is what you’ve been building toward and it can be anxiety-inducing. But it’s also the time when you have to keep calm and carry on. Remember your end goal and trust in your buyer's agent. With Mark at your side, fiercely negotiating to get you the best deal, you are in good hands.

The period between when your offer is accepted (yes!) and getting through due diligence (ugh!) are possibly the most stressful and precarious weeks in the entire process. Mark will coordinate with inspectors, the seller’s agent, your lender, and the closing attorney to make sure everything gets done as quickly and painlessly as possible. This is when Mark’s project management expertise and organization skills kick into high gear.

With due diligence behind you (whew!), the final step in the process is when everything comes together – and this period moves at the speed of light. From packing and move prep, to setting up utilities, and conducting the final walk-through, Mark will manage these final steps to get you to closing and the keys to your new home in-hand.

When you choose to work with Mark as your buyer's agent, you get a complete understanding by Mark of your wants, needs,a and goals; online, searchable listings matching your specific criteria; and constant communication to make sure you stay fully informed, confident, and engaged in the process.